Uninstall from linux

Hello all,

I would like to uninstall completely lightbeam from my linux. However the only topic on this forum is not helping. --uninstall flag does not work an i have nothing in /usr/share/.

What i can do ?


sudo apt remove program_name

LightBurn isn’t packaged as an APT package.

How did you initially install LightBurn? Did you use the .7z or .run version?

If you used the .run version it’s likely that all relevant LightBurn files are installed to your .local directory in your user home directory.

Check installation with:

ls ~/.local/share/LightBurn
ls ~/.local/share/applications/lightburn.desktop

If that lists LightBurn files then remove them with:

rm -R ~/.local/share/LightBurn
rm -R ~/.local/share/applications/lightburn.desktop

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