Unit Type vs. Velocity Unit

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I have been a daily user of RDWorks for about a year now. Typically import vector files created in Illustrator or Vectric Aspire. All of my designs use Imperial measurement.

Today I installed an evaluation version of Lightburn. When I configured my Display/Grid Units to Inches, it also changes the Speed units to Inches.

Is it possible to configure Lightburn to use Inches for my display grid, drawing tools, Etc. But use mm/sec for my speed controls?

In RDWorks I can set this separately using “Unit Type” to Inches and the “Velocity Units” to mm/s

Hope I have explained this clearly.



Yes, I have changed that setting to Inches. But my question was can I separate the "display grid, drawing tools, Etc. to use Inches, while keeping my Speed settings as mm/sec?

This is the setting provided to do exactly as you ask. It even has a bubble that says ‘Use Inch distance, with mm/second speeds’.:slight_smile: Have you tried this setting? Is it not working as you’d expect?

@DanForeman Forgive my question but what are the benefits of using inches over millimeters?

Precision measurements are easier to adjust using the metric system in my humble opinion.

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My bad. I don’t know how I didn’t see that last option. Yes, exactly what I needed. Thank you so much! Loving this software.

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I agree completely. But after doing vector graphics for 20+years with imperial measurement, its too late to change. My entire library of vector files, client proofs, Etc., are all in inches.

Makes sense absolutely!

Cheers and thank you for your reply


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