Universal laser machine laser upgrade

I am new to laser hobby and need help with light burn set up on my universal engraver machine so I can try software before buying better laser from J Tec to up grade my machine. I also need help selecting the right kit. My machine is compatible with all GRBL software. I want to up grade to 7watt laser and matching board. Currently using T2 laser software and burning text for my wife in wood with 2.5 mW blue laser that came with machine and getting good burn results but having issues engraving pictures. Hoping someone else has similar machine to give me some advice.

LightBurn should just detect your controller and configure itself, for the most part. If you don’t have limit switches you’ll need to use ‘Current Position’ mode, OR make sure you always power up your laser with the head positioned at the front-left, and use that as the origin point in LightBurn.

Thanks for your help will try to see if lightburn can find my machine by itself.
thank you