Unknown file with trocen AWC 7824 controller

Keep getting unknown file sent to controller have the new AWC 7824 controller or file is corrupted running windows 10 and the newest version of lightburn,
I have tried 4 usb cables and tried 2 Ethernet cables could not get Ethernet to connect at all

Thank you for reporting. Please provide the following

  • Are you able to successfully send a job to the controller using LaserCad? Checking, as you may need to install the driver to get LightBurn to connect.

  • If yes, how have you connected using LaserCad, USB - Ethernet - Both?

  • If you can produce a job using LaserCad, please produce the following and post here so we can compare the output.
    – Create a 200mm x 200mm square, set as a cut/line, and set the speed and power to something reasonably low and slow, this part is not super important. The critical part is to ensure the settings in both LaserCad and LightBurn are exactly the same.
    – Save those two files and please post here