Unkown Issue Ortur LM2


After 1 year of use my LM2 suddenly started to make bad engravings…
The issue is that it looks like the laser doesn’t have enough power anymore to require the nice burning look.

After some digging online it looks like you ought to clean the laser. Before doing so I decided to engrave the same image twice, but same results. This is why I doubt that I should clean my laser. The issue also started very very suddenly. Atttathed you’ll see the file and the problem.
Karreveld.lbrn2 (160.1 KB)

Hopefully you guys have some advice for me otherwise i’ll be cleaning the laser or completly replace it.


Clean lens first. Check all connections are plugged fully in. Personally I’d test power supply for voltage and power output next, but not a simple task without the proper equipment and also the power to the laser unit before lashing out for a new laser unit. Failing that laser may well be on it’s way out. How much use has it had in the year?

Thanks, I cleaned my laser which was the first time, glad I did. It was like cleaning my wood stove. Wish I did this earlier. But still the same results. Perhaps too late… :frowning: I think I put around 100 hours into this some kind of hobby/work thing. Maybe it’s my own foult then by not cleaning the laser earlier… now that the results are still horrible.

How would you check the power supply because I do have a proper multimeter

Cleaning needs to be done pretty regularly. Less so if you are using air assist all the time as it should blow any residue away from the lens. Put multimeter on DC volts - insert positive (red) lead into center hole in end of power supply plug and touch outside of it with negative (black) lead - you should get at least 24V if it’s a 24V laser or at least 12V if it’s a 12V version. Be careful you don’t short the multimeter leads together. Testing amps is more difficult - the meter needs to be in series with one of the leads and you would have to make up a test lead (beyond the scope of what I could describe here) or you need an AC/DC clamp meter. But to be honest sounds like the laser head has failed if you get 12 or 24V plus. Raise a support ticket with Ortur and see what they say. Ortur Customer Support – Ortur Support Ticketing System Omit the cleaning bit :wink:

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