[UNSOLVED][HOWTO] Move selected node to defined coords XPos,YPos?

Edit: not supported features request posted
Vote for it here

Allow to display & modify nodes position X , Y in Node mode

In Node mode
Allow to display & modify nodes pos X , Y
Allow to move 1 or multiple nodes to pos X,Y


How to select 1 or multiple nodes and move it to a defined x,y location ? (XPos,YPos)

Can’t we have a XPos,YPos for nodes when entering the Node mode ?

Thanks for support


mark the node and enter the desired coordinates, have you tried it?

Does not seem to work, unless I am doing something different
X/Y coords are still for the whole path by its origin marker

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ye like gilaraujo said it does not work that way .
If you do that it will move the entire shape

This is not currently supported in Node Edit mode. I suggest this is worth placing on our Feature Suggestions site, where others can upvote to show interest. We track and use this information to help prioritize our efforts. :slight_smile:

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The best I can add is looking at the coordinates when you drag the node.

Done thank you for taking time to answer Rick
Quite new to this but i dont see how it is possible to work with precision without this key feature

Found a dirty workaround : placing a small square at desired coord and snapping the node but it is way too time consuming and unprecise

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Understood and thank you Bob. Post your Fider (your suggestion) link here for additional traction.

Ty for answer but this is not the node position it is the cursor position.
You can try to hoover precisely on the node but it is way to messy and unprecise.
Should have a panel displaying the node X,Y pos when you click on it
Feature requested go vote for it folks .
Link in first post

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It works, but you have to zoom in a lot to be accurate.

It is correct after I tested it I could better understand the problem itself. It is a little strange that it does not work because it is possible to move a node with the arrow keys individually … and you can see the changes in x, y and wide, height fields.

With the arrow keys there are areas where I can move the node but without changing the x and y.

I think Lightburn does not have “built -in” viewing and direct manipulation of individual nodes with coordinate input.
If you use a circle, line or other shape, the center point of these is used in displaying the coordinates.

In picture, the coordinates of the circle and line are the same i.e. represents their center.

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