Unstable laser cuts with varying defects - Help wanted

Hi every one,
I have a frustrating problem with my laser cutters and I’m hoping some of you have experience with similar challenges and can give me some advice or solutions.

The problem I’m having is that my laser cutters (both Atomstack and Foxalien) don’t always cut out my designs perfectly. The defects vary in size and location and can be anything from small 1cm-long lines to 3mm defects and sometimes even longer stretches of 7cm. It’s incredibly frustrating, especially when it ruins carvings that I’ve spent time and materials on.

What puzzles me the most is that the problem doesn’t seem to be constant. It varies from cut to cut, and even though I use different machines, the incomplete cuts occur in different places in my designs. It can be across different types of materials, so I doubt it’s a single machine’s fault.

I have tried calibrating my machines, and cleaning the lenses thoroughly, but the problem persists. Have any of you faced similar challenges? And if so, have you found any methods or solutions to minimize or eliminate these incomplete cuts?

I would be incredibly grateful for any help, advice or input you can provide, because i have a small buisness. This problem has been a big headache for me and I really want to understand and solve it. Thanks in advance for your time and assistance!

Can you post some pictures of the problems?

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