Unusual Z moves

I have 2 lasers at school. a Chinese red box (100W) and a Koenig 80W machine. Both have Z axis movement controlled by Ruida controllers.
The issue I’m having is that they both sometimes de-focus by about 10mm before starting a job. I have zero’d the table before starting, and do use the de-focus feature when drawing lines, but in every instance where this has happened I’ve checked the settings in layers and there is no Z movement specified for the layer.
This is rerally tricky to nail down, as it seems ro be random. I have changed the layer to a different colour with the same settings and it has not changed focus.
Any thoughts?

do you have relative z moves only enabled?


if that is off, i think you will have to define material thickness in the cut settings


I think that may be it. When setting up the machines I read that, but clearly misunderstood it’s relevance. I’ll enable it and see what gives.

Thank you, that was it.

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