Unwanted "Absolute Coordinates"

Hi, I have always used lightburn with the setting set: “user origin” and it is not uncommon that for no apparent reason, I find “absolute coordinates” set, which, catching me by surprise, takes the laser where I would not like, that is to hit the perimeter because I never set what the absolute coordinate should be

Is there anything that can prevent Lightburn from this sudden setting change?

(Sculpfun s9, Lightburn updated)

I’ve been running Lightburn for 2 years and it doesn’t change ‘Start From’ that I’ve ever seen. On my led or my co2… It’s a setting, so it should not change on it’s own…


I believe the Start From mode can be saved in a .lbrn file. So if you load a file saved with a Start From mode configured it can override your current setting.

Yes it is… you still have to set it… Don’t know of a ‘gremlin’ option with Lightburn :crazy_face:


I’m thinking of the scenario where if you load a file created by someone else that has a different setting. That could potentially explain what @Common is seeing. The only way to avoid this would then be to only ever open files of your own creation.

Thanks for the replies:

the last time it happened while I was repeating a cut, after the previous time, with the same file, everything was fine. - Not to mention that I DO NOT work on a file without first converting it and then modifying it (if I don’t create it myself). — Lastly: If you think that everything can depend on files that have that basic setting, don’t you think that the same problem should happen to ALL those who work on files created by others and there should be many more reports of this type?

Not sure I follow what you mean. This isn’t a hypothetical. If the Start From mode is saved to the file it will always change to that on load. And it does occur quite frequently that mode will change when loaded. And there are cases where people find themselves in an unexpected mode frequently or are generally unfamiliar with how Start From modes work.

Try loading this file. Does it load with “Current position”?
current_position.lbrn2 (2.8 KB)

But if you’re saying you only ever load files that you yourself have modified then this scenario wouldn’t account for your situation.

I did a quick test with a file and at least using the lbrn2-file format, the start point is not saved with the file. I checked the file contents with a text editor.
You can see it already if you modify the start from position, the file does not get the “unsaved”-asterisk in the title bar.

Did you maybe activate some tool like the camera alignment feature that might automatically activate absolute coordinates because they are needed? I don’t know…

(my English is not perfect, so I help with the translator, sorry)

if I understand correctly: if an external file has that different setting ALWAYS change the setting set by me?
(naive question: and shouldn’t that be something to correct, in lightburn?) ---- It means that so far I have only been lucky if it has happened to me 6 or 7 times in all even though I have been fiddling with these engravers for almost two years and have I always used the “user origin” setting?

Anyway obvious that I will have to check with that file, only at the moment I do not have the engraver available and I will be able to do it tonight … and obviously I will report the result

lastly: NO, I don’t use cameras and I changed lightburn very little from the default settings

indicates that your file comes from a new version of Lightburn (1.2.02, not yet available for us mere mortals) and that in reading through the 1.2.01 version in my possession there could be a dispersion of data but yes … the file CHANGES my settings and transforms it from “user source” to “current position” ---- You seem to have discovered the problem but I repeat the naive question written above: it would not be an error to be corrected in a possible upgrade of Lightburn, maybe in version 1.2.02?

in any case thanks for the help, it will mean that every time I upload a file I will have to pay attention to the setting of the position

You need to enable “Save Job Origin to project” in Edit->Settings->File Settings for the Start From settings to be saved.

If the file is saved with Job origin saved then yes, it will always override what you have to whatever is saved in the file.

No. It’s a feature, not a bug.

This I can’t answer as it seems based on what you’re saying that your situation is different.

No, based on this being a choice. If this is a real problem I would advise not loading others’ files or just watch out for it.

I guess there could be another option that says “ignore Job origin from file” but not sure how useful that would be. You could potentially request it in the Feature Request site.

Probably different setup but whenever I switch from galvo to ruida it sets to absolute coordinates.

I suspect that’s more about each device profile maintaining its own last used setting. If you switch the Start from on the Ruida profile to current position, I suspect it will stick with that setting if you leave and come back to that profile.

No. It’s a feature, not a bug.

understood, but it is a feature for the author of the file, it is not a feature for others who work on that file, who instead undergo a change of settings that they would not like.
Basically there should be the option to not allow a file to change that type of setting.

Or, more simply, always check if that setting is correct, from now on -----

Thanks to you in particular and to everyone for the exhaustive answers

I’m only indicating that it’s intentional behavior when I say it’s a Feature. If you think there’s value in having different behavior then consider adding something to the Feature Request site.

I had it as well and no idea when it changes

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