Unwanted cuts. Laser does not stop between cuts

Hello, I just upgraded to an Ruida 6445 and seem to have issues in between cuts. For example if I am cutting the letter “A” it will cut the outer surface Triangle of the A, But when it needs to move and cut the small inner Triangle of the A, The laser does not “stop” firing. So there will be an unwanted cut from the outside to the inside. Attach is an image with a bunch of lines that is unwanted. It is not the file as I can make a circle and from start to the beginning of the circle it does the same thing. You can see in the image upper right. All the arrows are unwanted cuts.
I believe it is something in the setting of the Ruida. Any help appreciated.
I did do a search and found someone having issues with a GRBL, which I don’t have. I am guessing it has something to do with the Min. Start / Stop power? I tried changing the settings but the issue is still there.

With a DSP controller this is almost always a sign of a failing power supply.

If it’s a new install, it could also be a loose wiring connection from the controller to the high voltage power supply, or that you’ve connected from the Ruida to the ‘trigger high’ connection instead of ‘trigger low’ on the power supply.

You neglected to mention that you upgraded from a Leetro. Those are trigger-high by default, so you have to wire the Ruida L-On pin to the L on the high voltage supply, not H as it would have been on the Leetro.

In regards to the wiring to the powersupply. I found out the hard way that Leetro default is hooked up on to the High of the power supply and Caused all sorts of problem. I did find in the forums that I need to hook it up to the L instead and that fixed a lot of problems for me. (When it was hooked up incorrectly, the laser fired at all times when I moved the head around, it no longer does this.)
The power supply is a new CloudRay 120Watt. Unless you think I damaged the power supply by doing that, I don’t think the power supply is the issue but it could be.
I am thinking it is a wiring issue or configuration in the menu. Or should I contact CloudRay to see if they think it is a power supply problem?

Thank You.

So, are you saying that now it is working correctly, or that when you had it wired wrong it was even worse than it is in the above image?

I am saying that when i had it wire incorrectly it was worse. I still have the problem. I appreciate the reply. Any other thoughts I would appreciate it.
I am going to try and rewire the power supply to see what happens.


OZ, Thank you for the replies! You were right, my “new” power supply is the problem! I am really surprised! What I did was I reverted back to my old 60 watt power supply and it cut fine. I just have to test engraving, but hopefully that should work.
Now to battle with CloudRay to get a new power supply. Hopefully they will send me a new one.

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Rayner is a good guy - I’m sure they’ll make it right.

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