Unwanted lines during the movement

Hi all, I state that I am a beginner and I ask for help. I created an inscription and sent it to the laser, she engraved it but also engraved some fine lines during the movements. Is there any remedy? What should I do ? Thanks for the replies and greetings

Set $32=1

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This seems to be a common issue with GRBL devices. Check out this post:

I did but it still makes lines.

I have version 1.2.04

Then it is possible you have a hardware issue. I would contact Sculpfun for assistance - the power control board for the diode might be faulty.

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Maybe show a picture of the result?
I’m also certain that it’s the $32 setting. Maybe you didn’t click on “write” after changing? Anyhow, here is a guide on how to upgrade the firmware, in case there is a problem with it: Firmware Update & Settings - Diode Laser Wiki

Uploading: scritta.jpg…
Here is the photo , , in my opinion the code 32 took it . I chose $32=1 and hit Enter . I wrote to the seller , they sent me a FW , but the procedure gives me FAILED . I attach the screenshot. Thank you and greetings

Can you provide the following:

  1. Run these commands in Console and return results
  1. Save gcode for a burn where you see this issue. Use .txt as extension and upload file here.
  2. Provide a screenshot of Device Settings

The image shows the “laser mode” effect. It didn’t take the $32 setting correctly. Also make sure that $30 is 1000 and $31 is 0. As PY suggested, provide the output of the $$ command.
Don’t use the firmware they provided, use the one that is provided on the page I linked above. The procedure is also explained and it’s proven to work.

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This is the image of the latest configuration
Processing: lista $.jpg…
lista $

With these parameters it works perfectly, THANKS !!

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