Unwanted lines in a power scale

Can anyone tell me why I am getting these lines in the power scale I built in LightBurn. Just downloaded the latest version. This is the first time using this software, so I’m sure there are plenty of mistakes, please bear with me.
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You have not said which controller and firmware you use to drive this system and I do not see it listed in your forum profile. :slight_smile: We should start with this.

I have a longmill 30x30 cnc and I added a Endurance 10w deluxe laser. I am using grbl. Hope this helps

If you are running grbl 1.1f or later, look at the $32 setting. It should be $32=1. Also check Edit > Device Settings and look for a value called ‘S-value max’. Make sure that matches your $30 firmware setting.

Here are the details for setting up with grbl gear: https://lightburnsoftware.github.io/NewDocs/CommonGrblSetups.html

And here is the documentation for the grbl firmware settings: https://github.com/gnea/grbl/wiki/Grbl-v1.1-Configuration

Thank you, I’ll try those tomorrow.

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