Unzipping, opening and moving an Lbart Etsy file in to my Lightburn Art Library

I’ve bought some 3D Lbart night light files from Etsy. I have them in my PC downloads. I don’t understand how to unzip them and move them into my Lightburn art library.
I’ve followed all the instructions I’ve been able to find online but I’m still not able to do it.
I’m an old bloke and a hobby laser maker…so please be understanding with me.

LightBurn can use any art library you want, essentially at any time. To enable the art library, you need to click the “Window” menu item, and then select “Art Library”.


This will bring up a new dialog, that has your load controls on it. You need to first extract this from any ZIP it came in; you can (for simplicity) drag and drop the .lbart file out of that ZIP and to your Desktop or other space. Click “load” to select the .lbart file in LightBurn when that’s done, and you should be good to go.


For further reading, this is also in our documentation. If anything in there was unclear, please let us know so we can resolve that issue and hopefully help others avoid the same headache :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

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