Up grading my Ortur Laser master 2 with a LUT-4-LF-21J04 Laser

Finding that fixing the new laser to the slide dosnt appear to be possible without stripping the existing layer and using its slide.

Would help greatly if you could put some visual aids on the problem you facing
Your description didnt really make much sense sorry

The LUT-4-L laser (red one) is made to fit the Ortur Laser master 2Pro… I am trying to fit it to the Ortur Laser master 2 not the Pro version . The Z axia slide on the LUT-4 does not fit the existing z axis plate in the middle of the picture from the existing Master2 version… So it would appear that the z axis requires another bit of kit from the Pro version . Can you confirm which bit of kit is needed if any. Hope that helps.

By definition you cant
LU2-4-24v is 24v
OLM2 is 12v

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