Update checking in linux

Interesting I have lightburn 1.4.01 running on two linux machines. The Manjaro ( Arch based distro) successfully does the update checking. The other machine running Debian 11 throws the fail ssl error message . Is there any likelihood of this changing anytime soon ? The main issue is that the Debian machine is inside in the office and the Manjro machine is off line in the shed with my laser.

There’s a deprecated SSL package called “libssl1.0-dev” that typically satisfies the requirement to resolve this issue. However, it may not be available for Debian 11. I’m not familiar.

However, the update check itself isn’t particularly interesting. You can upgrade by downloading the latest version and installing over the current installation or to a separate location.

Thanks thats what I have been doing.

Ahh… gotcha. At some point LightBurn will get compiled against a more recent set of libraries and this could get resolved at that point. I suspect this may not happen until LightBurn upgrades to a later version of the UI toolkit that it uses but I’m just speculating.

The same error happens with Ubuntu 22.04 …

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