Update Firmware on Longer Ray5 10W

I’m throwing this out there on the LightBurn forum because I’m not getting anywhere on how to update my firmware on my Longer Ray5 10W laser from Longer Support. I have limit switches and a new cable to install. The firmware installation guide says Install the MKSLaserTool_setup V1.1.2.exe file - First, install where? If on a PC, that file ends with .EXE, which is a Windows executable file… I use a MacBook. Am I supposed to put this file on the SD card that came with the laser in the root directory of that SD card? If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Step-by-step instructions, where and what files are to be installed, what to do next, all assistance would all be greatly appreciated. I must say the Longer support is prompt, but there seems to be no way to upgrade firmware using a Mac computer. Longer says to download a zip file and unzip it, but I’m looking for just the specific files and where they’re supposed to go. There’s no clarity from them on that. I should be able to simply download the individual files from Longer, instruct me where they are there to be installed, and then what the process is for updating the firmware.

I have a DCL32 board on my laser, they are not the same but I used the MKSLaserTool to update the firmware too.
I hope this will help you.


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I have a MacBook - not a Windows PC. This only helps w/Windows PC…I believe.

The .exe file is meant to be run on the Windows platform, like all of these Chinese programs. Many of them will tell you they don’t support anything else. Simple because they don’t have any software that runs on anything other than a Windows machine.

If you don’t have or have access to a Windows machine you have few options. One of which is to run a virtual windows environment within your Mac.

Here’s one… there are a few out there, just google 'em and pick your poison.

I don’t even know which controller Longer uses in their machines. Most of these have some sort of software that handles loading of the control boards firmware via your machines os…

There are others that have Mac machines on this site, so they might have another solution, but I haven’t heard of any yet.

I wouldn’t have a fiber or my Ruida co2 if Lightburn didn’t exist.

I run Ubuntu Linux… so I understand…

Good luck


Yes, of couse.
My willingness to help missed that detail. I apologize. :flushed:

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Take heart… It happens all the time.
It’s a Bright-People problem. :slight_smile:

I must be so brigh that I blind myself to miss some details. :rofl: :rofl:
Thanks John! :+1: :sunglasses:

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