Update/license check

I got notification that v0.9.24 is available and I downloaded it but before I installed it I remembered that 0.9.19 locked me out (there is a topic from Dec '20) and Rick told me that it should not have downloaded if my license doesn’t cover it.

Just to be sure I thought I would ask before installing. I’m still on my original license and not using the laser much lately so I just ran Lightburn for the first time in months.

If your license is expired, you will not be able to run any version released past your expiry date until you ‘Renew’ the license. Have you done that? Looking into our systems, using the same email you use here, I do not find you to see if your key has been renewed.

In the previous Dec '20 post, Oz said,

“…but it’s supposed to tell you if the version being suggested is within your update period. I’ll check to make sure that’s working as it should.”

Looking into the status of this investigation and will report back with what I learn. :slight_smile:

Edit: This was checked, and appears to be correct, but we will need to check again as you are having this issue again. I have entered a bug report into our tracking system for the team to review again.

Thanks, that answered my question whether I should let it install.

It obviously skipped a few between 19 and 24 as it should have. I have used the program since December a few times but the poor laser has been neglected due to 3D printers and a drone :slight_smile:

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