Update overlay is zoomed in WHY!?

I have a LB 150 camera, using supplied usb cable. Mounted to the lid so bed is in full view when opened.

Camera calibration done, multiple times, camera allignment done, multiple times. Why when update overlay done the image is zoomed in? Ive spent most of my day trying to figure this out, re done calibration and alignments to the best i can get them. Scrolled other threads where people seem to have same issue but doesnt seem to be resovled?

I just got the camera a few weeks back and very eager to start using properly. Any tips tricks solutions on to how i can fix this? Thanks for any help.

First, the 150 degree lens does not look like a good choice - It’s seeing way more than it needs to.

Second, when you re-did the alignment job, did you just re-use a sheet of targets you had already run before? If so, that’s likely the cause. You need to re-run the marker job so the laser places them exactly where requested. If you move them, the alignment and scale won’t be correct.

apologies for the multi post, just was getting frustrated. never realised you could bump a post! sorry guys! Anyway, ive since moved the lens to a different position so it mainly just sees the bed, re-did alignment, and still the same.

Image is what the camera sees now. Ive re-run the marker job multiple times now(have gone through quite a bit of paper) and the results are the same.

Just playing around, i changed the bed size in device settings to a larger bed, mine is 300x200mm and the larger i go the more of the bed the update overlay can see?

That is by design. The software only ever shows the area of your laser that you can engrave on - it’s pointless to show more, as the laser cannot reach elsewhere. Is the zoomed area just what you are able to engrave, or is it smaller than that?