Update Overlay not filling bed with image in LightBurn


More camera issues! I received my correct camera today from Thunder (4K 8mp 120deg) camera, and swapped it for the old 85deg one. I ran a full standard lens calibration with the circle pattern. Got fantastic scores even. Now, I can see the full bed! Yay, progress! BUT! When I hit update overlay, I’m still only getting a partial covering of what should be my full bed. This of course, makes the camera pretty much useless.

The camera is calibrated in LightBurn, using the “default capture system”. The camera is directly hooked to my Surface Pro 2 laptop, which is a 1080p screen, not 4K like the camera. I highly doubt this has anything to do with it not properly overlaying, as the overlay doesn’t work on my 4K screen on office PC upstairs, but I’ve done every single suggestion on these forums, other social media apps and from Thunder support. Nothing works.

BTW, the machine’s bed is 51.2" x 35.6"

Looks like you have yet to go through the Camera Alignment process. Can you confirm?

Doing so should correct for what you’re seeing.

You are correct! That fixed it up. I think I need a bit of fine tuning as I’m missing about 1.5” on both sides of the bed.

That’s a bit extreme. Try increasing the scale for the target alignment marks. Try to get it as optimized as possible using target alignment. After that use the controls in Camera Control window to fine tune the placement.

I ran the calibration at 409%. I could possibly bump it up a touch more, but it’s pretty close to max Y travel. Could I possibly extend out the X rail values with a straight edge and use that as my points of calibration? Or does LB rely on those coordinates (the 4 cut marks) to stay in relation to one another?

In that case then no real practical reason to go above that I don’t think.

I believe the alignment relies on both the relative location of the alignment marks to each other was well as knowledge of the scale at which they were burned. So in that case no… I don’t think this is an option. You may want to just use the Camera controls to change the width/height to accommodate.

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