Update Overlay Not working

I have a NovaThunder 35and have been using LB camera for almost 2 yrs with out any issues. I have done numerous camera calibrations in the past without any issues as I need to have a exact alignment as I can on my projects.

Today, I attempted to do Calibrate Camera Lens and accidentally clicked on the “Align Head-mounted camera” … there is no way to cancel the process and I just closed the window to abort the process and proceeded with the Calibrate Camera Lens process. After this was successfully completed along with verify alignment… Update overlay no longer shows the overlay in the workspace. Also, clicking the “Update Overlay” moves the gantry in the middle of the bed… I think for some reason LB still thinks there is an head-mounted camera???

Do you have any recommendations of how I can reverse the process?


  1. Back-up Library, Basic settings. Screen shot device settings(if using ethernet IP address is important)
  2. Uninstall LB
  3. Go to C:User>AppData>Local>rename Lightburn folder (just incase need to roll-back)
  4. Install LB >DO NOT import device settings… manually set-up device… use screen shot to get info.
  5. Option to do full cal or just import from the presets
  6. Camera alignment
  7. Restore Basic, library settings

I’ll have to add code to make sure the normal camera alignment kills the head-mounted camera flags & settings. There’s an easier way to do this - You could have just used File > Load Prefs Backup and opened a prefs file from before you did the head camera calibration, but I’ll fix the bug so that won’t be necessary either.

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