Update Overview with camera not working?

When I click on “Update overlay” it does nothing. I have to change the camera to “none” and then back to “Lightburn Camera” then click on “Update Overview” for it to work. Any idea why??

Are you on the latest version of LightBurn? What computer and operating system are you using? Can you please show a full screeenshot?

Im using 0.9.02 in Windows 8.1. Not sure what to screenshot??

Grab the latest (0.9.04) and try it again - let me know if you see the same behavior.

I normally have the same problem after my Computer wakes up from sleep. I then have to Select “None” and then “Lightburn Camera” again to get the camera to reconnect.

If the computer sleeps it likely also powers down the USB connection, which would disconnect the camera.

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I updated the software and for some strange reason now I can’t even get the camera to calibrate. When I click on capture image it does not do anything. I have never been able to get the camera I purchased from you guys too calibrate nor work correctly. I have tried multiple times to calibrate it and to calibrate the camera lens and I still have problems. Not sure what the issue is here?

I turned off the sleep mode on my laptop and I set the computer to never sleep and never turn off the display.

Once again, I just rebooted the computer and started the software and went in to try and align the camera. When I click on camera calibrate I click on select my camera and choose the light burn camera. The only thing that comes up is a black box. No live view of the laser bed. If I choose none and choose lightburn camera again sometimes it comes up and sometimes it doesn’t. When I can get it to display the live view, I click next and go through the steps of burning the calibration image. After the image is done I go to the next screen and move the laser head out of the way and click capture image but nothing happens! Rather frustrating!

It’s likely a driver issue. Did you install the proper ones? I had similar issues on Windows 7.

This camera has worked fine since I installed everything a few weeks ago Blake. I updated the software a little while ago and now I have problems. I will check the driver again.

Im not even sure where the driver is now… it says it is working ok and there are no issues in Windows.

You mentioned you’re running 0.9.02? Have you updated to 0.9.04? Windows 8 shouldn’t need a driver for the LightBurn camera - it’s part of the OS.

I did update to 0.9.04. Same issues with the camera. I should have gotten a refund from the start, this camera is useless and has been from day one. I hooked up my 1080 Logitech webcam and calibrated everything and it works WAY, WAY better than that junk cam I bought. It works INSTANTLY when you click on Update Overlay or any other function as far as that goes. No delay like the Lightburn camera. I guess I’ll be throwing the old camera in the drawer till I need it for something other than a laser.

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