Update to 9.10 and 9.11 to big window "Laser"

I have small problem.
I cant make a window “laser” smaller. This is the smallest.
It takes to much space. Before I could make it narrower.
Can You help me with this?
Regards :wink:

It’s the translated text:

The system automatically sizes everything so the text will fit - If the window is made narrower, the text would be cut off. If you can suggest translations that are still accurate, but more compact, I can change them.

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It would be much easier to keep the translations / language adjustments in an external file that every user could maintain for himself …

Easier for who? “Every user” does not want to translate several thousand phrases of text, and having all translations be common & shared means that everyone is using the same terms (or close to it) when discussing things in the software.

The translations are stored in external files, but when deployed, they’re converted to a binary database that strips out all the extra context information.

definitely easier for you too, because customized language files could be sent to you developers to add them.

Closest topic I could find to my problem. I run Lightburn 9.11 on two different computers one windows 7 laptop and the others a brand new windows 10 computers (mini cube). I have problem with not being able to resize GUI. I can not grab top right corner to shrink GUI in x and y direction. It will only reduce the width. Can not grab bottom it is off screen. I often can not see the bottom of the LB screen where coordinates are displayed, even the color pallet is “sometimes” hidden I have moved my toolbar to the side, but same thing. Why will the GUI not lend itself to be resized vertically. Impossible to multitask/split screen.

All of what you want can be done in LightBurn. First, go to ‘Window’ and select ‘Reset to Default Layout’. If that does not fully recover the entire screen, quit then restart LightBurn using a shift-click to launch. This is a hard reset of the UI layout.

By the way, you have not identified which system/OS is the one you are having issues with.

Take these steps and report back the results, tell us which OS and we can go from there.

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I’ll add the caveat here that if your display is too small vertically, you might have to change the layout.

This is the default layout for LightBurn, and it’s 838 pixels tall:

If your display is shorter than that, you’ll need to dock the windows differently, by dragging the Laser and Library windows off the bottom and docking them over the windows on the top, like this:

That is 537 pixels tall, and the smallest you can make the LightBurn window.

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I have problem only with “laser” window.
Cuts/layers, art library and others are ok.
This isnt big problem :wink: I can live with it :wink:

Ok, so what is the problem? You have a lot of control over the window layout with a few limits. What are you trying to achieve? What have you tried and what did/did not work?

This might help with understanding window arrangement and layout.

And this little snippet as well.

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on my screenshot the window is maximally reduced. even if I dock them it is the minimum size. it seems to me that earlier I could have done narrower. that’s why I asked. the window height is ok, just a little too wide.
I thought I could change it somehow.
thank You for a quick explanation
Best wishes

Once you’ve selected English as the language, if you re-start you’ll be able to size it smaller. The minimum size is expanded if necessary, but never shrinks, when you change languages. It’s an odd quirk of the framework we use.

I moved the windows all on top of each other as you showed and that works. Because I have a 3:5 screen I found docking the windows off the LB main window completely and that seems even better. I don’t like having to thumb thru all the tabs anyway and would like to see them all the time. Almost wish I had a second screen to dump all the windows on and then just have the visualizer on the other screen.
Thanks you.

I reinstalled the program and it’s ok.

The window layout is saved when you quit and restored when the software restarts. What isn’t being saved? Can you show a screen shot?

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