Update to latest firmware?

I would just like to know if anyone with a Ortur master one/two has installed the latest update. I have read others have been having problems and I don’t want to update if it will cause my Ortur to play up. At the moment all is well. What are the new features of the update. IE I have version 20. Do I need to change to version 21?

No problems here regarding updating

Why do you want to update when everything is working fine?
To my knowledge, the latest FW for the Ortur 1.4.

How do you get out which firmware is running?
I would like to know about my ortur.

When you say 20/21 do you mean the software version of lightburn?

I have updated, the thing I like best is you are now able to adjust power and speed as you are burning

Sorry Tom, I’m a bit confused regards these update things. The 20/21 is the Lightburn version. Yes the other update, firmware, went OK.

Why not update to 0.9.21 and see for yourself, you can of course, if it doesn’t work revert back to the previous version

Not quite as easy as that. Two reports of damage to the laser have been stated, but not proven. Reinstalling the old version won’t repair any damage should it occur. I’ll hold off for a while and see if there is any truth in the claims.

This is not related to the Ortur, unless you have something specific to report?

You can read about exactly what all LightBurn Updates and Releases are about here:

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