Update: Typing ‘$’ not possible in command window


After thinking clearly for a while. I see the real problem. Under macOS short-cut keys shall be by using Command key in combination of one or more keys. Short-cuts with just Alt as a modifier should be considered text input and not a command.


I thought you got the $ by using the shift key? What has this to do with the Command and Alt keys? You normally just enter plain text in the Command window input box.

On a Swedish keyboard layout on macOS you get $ with Alt-4.
To make it compatible only shortcut keys should be with CMD pressed in combination with a key.

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That was a detail you forgot to mention. That makes what I said void.


I’ll check in with the Dev team.

I know it’s cumbersome if it works, but does cmd-c / cmd-v work to copy/paste the $ symbol from another document? I am attempting to discern if the ascii character pastes into the Console window as expected.

Yes, pasting $ in the terminal works!

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