Updated Lightburn and now my rotary engravings have lines

2 noticeable things since I upgraded to newest update. I now have the lines in my rotary engravings on tumblers. I didn’t have those before so I am wondering what settings I need to adjust. I have a boss laser LS1420 65watt. Also another issue is if I engrave “Test”, it will engrave the “est” then come back to the “T”. Very annoying but I’m sure just a setting I’m overlooking. Here’s a photo of my rotary settings

Can you show the settings used for the engraving itself?

You said you updated LightBurn - which version did you update from?

Had to be a pre 0.9 version. I have a trial on my other pc I downloaded at the same time I purchased lightburn for my laptop running the laser says 0.8.04. So it has to be that version or maybe a version after that.

“Fill Shapes Individually” is why it’s doing one letter at a time.

127 DPI is likely why you’re seeing lines in the engraving - that’s quite low - the default is 254 (0.1mm interval).

I did start adjusting DPI and am getting better results. So for the rotary would you recommend i use fill groups together or all shapes at once?

For the smoothest rotary motion, all shapes at once is better. If you use travel moves with the rotary, you have to make sure the item is very secure and doesn’t slip, or the output may slip and misalign parts of the design.

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