Updated, now camera, cut/layers & Laser won't fit on screen

Mac, so I just updated and if I put my 3 normal menus on the right Camera, Layers and Laser then the window goes off the bottom of the screen (always fit before). Basically it knocks the layer color blocks off the bottom of the screen and I can’t just resize the window anymore.

There is plenty of blank space at the bottom of the camera pane so I should be able to resize it (can’t) and so I am guessing the latest update made a minimum size for these panes that means I either can’t stack the 3 main ones I always use, or it pushes other stuff off the bottom of the window.

Now I have vision issues so I do have my items all larger than normal so I can easily see them, icon size is set to large. So, is there anyway to reduce the size of the camera pane? there is like 15mm just blank below all the controls. I understand why you would need extra space in the layers pane and the Laser pane is pretty full up as well.

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