Updated to 1.2.04

I updated to version 1.2.04 last nite and now my laser will not fill. Line option works great but fill moves and the laser comes on but does not make any markings. Any advice?



I suggest carefully reviewing the units used for the speed value. Are you comparing like for like compared to the last version used? It’s possible units were changed or somehow you’re using different values.

In either case, lower speed or increase power until you’re able to achieve a burn.

Would you know how to go back to the prevoius version that I was using? I was happy with my results i got from it.

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This is almost certainly not related to the update itself, at least not something that can’t be easily remedied but if you’d like to go back to an older version then simply uninstall and reinstall the version of your choice:
Releases · LightBurnSoftware/deployment (github.com)

This has happened in the past when i updated to a newer version of the software. I literally finished what i was working on updated and started another just like the previous one and it would burn the line but would no longer fill anything and i didnt change anything all of my speeds and power are still the same. Thank you for the link! I will give that a shot!

If you’re seeing this multiple times there’s likely something more fundamental going on. An examination of .lbrn sample files from before and after upgrade where the issue is present would be a start to see what’s going on.

Depending on what version you upgraded from it might also be something related to your Device Settings.

If you’d like to explore this further can you provide the following:

  1. Screenshot of Device Settings screen
  2. Output of this command in Console:
  1. Full screenshot of LightBurn with a design loaded and with the cut settings showing.





































Can you also attached screenshot of Device Settings please?

Also, is 3500 mm/min at 30% power what you usually use for fill that works? What material are you burning to? And is this one of the examples where the fill does nothing with the new version?

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