Updating a K40 to a “Super” K40

Since we bought a Boss, our K40 has been sitting quietly in a corner.
My wife uses the Boss daily for her business, so I’m thinking about taking custody of the K40 and updating it to its fullest potential!
The only mods I did when we bought it new was to remove the spring holder, cut off a few inches of the exhaust intake and solder all the crimped wire connectors.
What should I put on my dream sheet of upgrades?
New controller for sure (which one? Suggestions?)
I’ll definitely be adding a camera.
Better exhaust
Air assist
What else?

Oh, and z-bed…

I would:

  1. Upgrade the controller to a C3D laserboard.
  2. Cut the bottom out of the machine and build a riser for it so you could use a rotary attachment
  3. Buy a rotary attachment, C3D makes a good one.
  4. Possibly buy a high resolution laser head for doing highly detailed engravings (Must mention that I sell HR laser heads, so may be a little biased here :slight_smile: )
  5. Upgrade the standard head to a Light Object air assist head
  6. Buy a chiller to replace the water pump and bucket.
  7. Buy a Z table, Light Object makes a nice one.

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