Updating Firmware

Recently connected my 5.5w laser to newly purchased Eleksmaker A3 Pro unit and read somewhere that Lightburn runs better with the firmware on the Eleksmaker Mana Se board v3.2 updated to 1.1f. I used T2 Laser software to update firmware to 1.1f Laseraxe which seems to have caused issues such as only two stepper motors are working now.

I have now purchased a new eleksmaker mana se v3.2 replacement board and was hoping someoneon this forum could confirm which firmware I can upgrade to so that the eleksmaker runs seamlessly with Lightburn Software.

I see various options available on the firmware update within T2 Laser software. Which one do I select? And is there a limit to how many times I can flash the firmware on that board?

Any and allhelp would be greatly appreciated.

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