Updating light burn and maintaining machine settings

This Isnt a huge issue but. I have an omtech 100w red and black. From the factory the x axis pwn rise/fall setting was set incorrectly. This is under machine vendor settings.

Because I have to read the settings from the machine then write them back to the machine I have assumed that these settings are stored in the machines controller.

But , When ever I update light burn the setting is changed and I start getting lost steps on files. Its not a huge issue, I just need to go in and change the settings once I realise the issue but i would think that light burn wouldn’t change the settings in the machine, but I may be wrong about everything.

LightBurn will absolutely not change those settings, or any other machine settings, without you going through Edit > Machine Settings. That is the only place the PWM rising edge value is set in LightBurn - I’ve searched through the code for the command used to set that value, and that’s the only place it appears.

There is nothing about updating LightBurn that can or would cause this, so something else has to be happening.

Is it possible that you’re loading and writing a machine settings file to the controller that might have the wrong PWM value set?

It has happened the last 2-3 times I have updated light burn. Previous cut was fine. Do the update and the next cut is loosing steps. Nothing else changes.

I don’t load a saved machine file. While I do have one backed up I just go in and change the settings manually. It’s just simpler for me.

This is why I posted because it doesn’t seem right.

It happened around a month ago when I last updated the software, then was fine until I did another update today and I had to change the setting again.

Try powering off your machine and then back on again, and see if it’s changed. Updating the software doesn’t do anything to the machine, so I can’t imagine that is what’s causing it.

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