Updating lightburn

I went to update lightburn on my rudia controll laser and im getting a COM surrogate message, so is there a download keeps telling me to update the file.

You can always download the latest version of LigthBurn from our site:

So i can just download the newest version and install over the old? That way i dont have to reenter my serial number?

Correct. Your settings will survive the update too.

I tried to do a full install didnt work still get errors i took pics i know not supposed to up load pics but only screen shots.

That’s the LightBurn thumbnail handler. You can safely ignore that. I might have to change how that’s installed. What OS are you using?

Windows 10, cant remember i thought i tried to ignore it but i still wouldnt install i will try again and install.

If you uninstall first, you’ll be able to re-install without issues. The uninstall will remove that handler so it’s not locked out, and the new install will add it back. Your settings will stay.

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