Upgrade - Lost settings

Hi -

I’m running a 15w diode laser on Grbl 1.1h . I just upgraded to 9.16 and lost all my settings. I’m somewhat new to all of this and it took me a long time to get them right. Is there anything I can do to get them back or do I have to figure it out all over again? Is this ‘normal’ behavior for Lightburn? If I do have to go through the trial and error all over again, it there an easy way to back up the settings or should I do a bunch of print-screens?


In LightBurn, go to File > Open prefs folder, then quit.

In the prefs folder, you should see a folder called backup (if you’ve been keeping current). In there will be older copies of your preferences. Copy one of them over your prefs.ini file and run LightBurn.

Does this also save the camera lens and alignment settings?

That worked. Thank you.

Yes, it does. You can export those independently by right-clicking in the camera control window.

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