Upgrade on shop computer

Just installed ver 10 on office computer, no problem. Now need to install on shop computer, no internet do I just run new file and go?


If you are asking about updating LightBurn to our latest (Version 1.0.04), you should be able to simply run the new version installation and be set. Is this not working for you?

I have updated to the latest ver and have 2 computers one in office which has internet and one in shop which does not have internet. Can I just run file that has the new ver on the shop computer and be set to go? Both computers have the older ver of lightburn on them. I just remember when installing lightburn on shop computer about 2 years age it was a nightmare to get it to work.

You can manage your seat allocation and Offline activations from the License Portal.

You can put the downloaded installation file on a thumbdrive and install it from there but you will need to do an offline activation as Rick mentioned.

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