Upgrade to Co2 laser

Hello all I’ve been learning so much. One question I do have that I can’t find an answer for is. I have upgraded from my X-Carve JTech laser to a CO2 laser from Omtech. I’m going to need to update light burn do I just download the light burn software for CO2 laser. Do I need to delete my old light burn and download the new one or will the two programs coexist in my laptop I still may use the JTECH laser from time to time.

Do you know which controller your Omtech CO2 is equipped with?

RUIDA DIGITAL CONTROLLER. Which is compatible with light burn I’m just more wondering about the software I bought the $40 version of light burn for my ex card but I know I need to upgrade to the $80 version. Just wondering how the two programs co-exist or if I need to delete one to have the other in the same computer.

you need one software. i believe DSP license supports Gcode as oppose to Gcode license which does not support DSP. You should wait for LB guys to confirm that.

" The DSP version of LightBurn also supports all the devices supported by the GCode license."

We offer a way to upgrade from your GCode to the DSP support here: LightBurn Software - Upgrade from GCode to DSP license

If you originally purchased the GCode license, and later upgraded your laser to a DSP controller, you can upgrade your LightBurn license to the DSP version here. You will still be able to use all your GCode devices with the DSP license.

Do not purchase this unless you already have a GCode license key.

Enter your existing GCode license key - Do not enter a trial ID - we’ll update your existing license to include the DSP devices.

The DSP version provides the GCode supported devices as well, so you can successfully run your mixed machine environment. :slight_smile:

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