Upgraded from grbl 1.1e to 1.1f and 40mm of travel instruction has become about 5 inches

I upgraded my flash on my ManaSE controller to 1.1f, reset the $32=1, and was trying to get set up to do a project in the 380-x by 290-y space of my engraver. I tried to use the laser position button to go to the upper right hand corner so I could align my target, and the laser moved to the upper right hand corner of my machine and I had to hit ‘stop’ to keep it from trying to go further… I then used the move command window to do a 40x40 mm move and it went 5" by 5". What do I need to do in order to have the machine only move the correct number of millimeters? Everything is set to use mm. Is there something in the “$” codes that needs to be changed–I could not find a list of those codes in the documentation.
Thanks, Jim

If you flashed a new version of GRBL onto the controller you’ll likely need to redo the config. Steps per mm values are stored in $100 and $101 in the firmware settings. Read here for GRBL configuration: https://github.com/gnea/grbl/wiki/Grbl-v1.1-Configuration

Do you have a screenshot copy of your previous $$ settings?

The $100-102 were the problem! I had a copy of the $$ params from the 1.1e as it came from the factory, and by changing them, it now works correctly.

STOCK 1.1f FR0M 1.1e

$100=250.000 $100=80.000

$101=250.000 $101=80.000

$102=250.000 $102=80.000

$110=500.000 $110=5000.000

$111=500.000 $111=5000.000

$112=500.000 $112=5000.000

$120=10.000 $120=200.000

$121=10.000 $121=200.000

$122=10.000 $122=200.000

$130=200.000 $130=380.000

$131=200.000 $131=290.000

$132=200.000 $132=100.000

I took the opportunity to set the 130s to the size of my area, and the 120s to the same acceleration factor. I just cut a new plaque and it looks really good with the power control on the laser. I will recommend this upgrade to all of the elekslaser A3 Pro users!!! Thanks for your help.

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