Upgraded License from gcode to DSP, Still Showing "Save GCode" instead of "Save RD"

Hi, I purchased the license upgrade from gcode to DSP 3 days ago, because I just got a 60W ruida laser. I got the “order has been fulfilled” email 3 days ago as well. I went into Lightburn, deactivated my license then opened Lightburn again and re-activated it.

I’m still not certain if it actually activated the DSP license though. Some things are different, like the cut / fill settings for layers, but that might just be the newer version of Lightburn I just installed.

The issue is, there is no “Save RD” button to export the ruida machine code. It’s still the “Save GCode” button, which will not work with the new machine. I know it can take 24 hours for the new license to update, but it’s been 3 days since I got the email saying that it had been fulfilled, so I think it should be enough time by now.

Is there something I missed?


Did you add the new laser? You’ll still have your GCode laser set up and now have to add a new DSP device.

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Ah that was it! It’s working great now. I did not realize that I could keep the gcode laser configured as well, thought it could be only gcode or DSP. Maybe the DSP license could be called “DSP + gcode License”. That explains the price difference!

Thanks for the help. It’s beyond me how you have enough time to respond to all these posts personally and write the code for the software.

Well, I don’t get as much sleep as I used to. :slight_smile:

The DSP page does mention that it supports all the GCode devices as well:

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Haha, same here. I see that now, don’t know why I missed it before.

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