Upgraded my Ortur laser to the Neje Laser. Got a settings question

Do I need to adjust any settings in LB to take advantage of the extra power? I only ask because I see some people cutting stuff in less passes than I am with less power. Yes I do have the laser dialed in and I do have a good air assist. Does LB automatically take advantage of the extra power? Is 100% power 100% no matter the laser? Thanks

Essentially, yes. As long as the laser module works in the conventional TTL/PWM way (which Neje does) and you haven’t changed the controller.

As long as the value in $30 (usually 255 or 1000) matches the S Value Max in Device Settings you will get the right % power. Well, that and assuming you haven’t overrided it with power scale.

What is your power supply situation? It’s possible that your existing setup is unable to provide the required current to the new laser module.

As far as the setting you mentioned, I have not changed anything that LB did not already have set out of the box. I am using the power supply that NEJE supplies. I am using an extension cord, but it is a heavy duty one, so I don’t think that would be an issue. For the most part it does cut, like advertised. I just don’t get how some guys are cutting 3mm plywood in 1 or 2 passes at less power, and faster speeds. I have to do it 30 speed 100 power and 5 passes. Which is still better than the Ortur that I had.

LB doesn’t attempt to change any GRBL configurations and also doesn’t probe the configuration to determine S Value Max as far as I’m aware. However, I believe the default for LB is 1000 on S Value Max which should match Ortur’s default for GRBL configuration.

Actually better to confirm this. Got to Edit->Machine Settings and check $30 value or you can type $$ in Console. Make sure this matches S Value Max in Device Settings. If it does not, change the S Value Max setting rather than $30.

Is this plugged into the interface board supplied by Neje or you’ve plugged this into the controller?

Is the Neje module you have the A40640? If so, you’ll probably need 5A to supply both the module and the rest of the system. What’s the rating on the power supply you received?

I’m not directly familiar with this Neje but that does seem excessive. And surprised to hear your Ortur was worse.

This might have something to do with the specific plywood you are trying to cut. Not all plywood is created equal. Are you seeing similar discrepancies in cut settings in other materials?

I plug the NEJE power supply right into the same port that the Ortur did. Yes the is the A40640.

As far as the Ortur is concerned. It worked fine for engraving, but would not cut worth a flip. The NEJE is supposed to be 3x more powerful, and that is why I got it.

In the most simple terms neither Lightburn nor the controller has any need to know the power of the laser.

50% power on a 100 watt laser is handled the same way as 50% power on a 100mW laser. PWM controls the ‘apparent’ power of the device without need to know how powerful it is.


Something occurred to me.

You haven’t specified units here. Are you doing 30 mm/min? 30 mm/s? 30 in/s? 30 mm/min was the only one that made sense in context but I’m guessing you may be doing 30 mm/s? If so, that might be the discrepancy in your results from others.

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I used inches

Inches per what?

I have also installed a neje A40640 onto my Ortur LM2. I use the original Ortur power supply and have been getting very good results. One thing worth mentioning is the focal height is much shorter than the ortur. I made a 15mm 3d printed height gauge which seems to be about right for focus. I am certainly cutting thicker ply (I have air assist) than my Ortur 20W could ever do. Maybe have a play with focus height. HTH

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I just got the neje A40640 for my Ortur laser master 2. Also got a 6 amp 12v power supply. Can I just plug this into the Ortur board to power the neje laser or do I have to plug it into the supplied neje adapter board?

Probably need to go through the supplied adapter. The controller probably cannot handle that kind of current.

The power to the laser is not generally controlled by the engravers controller. The only signal you need is the pwm signal. My 30 watt Neje works that way.

Good luck.


Sorry for the late response. Inches/Min.

I was under the impression, and I have seen others, just plug it right in to the Ortrur board. That is what I have done.

30 inches/min is 762 mm/min. I suspect this might be the discrepancy in the comparisons. I’d consider 762 mm/min quite a fast movement for a cutting operation on a diode laser.

Most pcb’s have a limited amount of current they can pass to an external device.

I’ve built pcb’s using 7 amps and the trace was over 100mm wide for 1 oz pcb material, if I remember correctly.

The only thing the laser really needs to ‘be controlled’ is the pwm signal. Power can come from anywhere…

If it’s working for you, then I guess it’s ok… hope it keeps working… :crazy_face:

Take care…

NEJE lists the input power as for the A40640 at 3-4A at 12V. If you add the needs of the controller and stepper you’re talking about 5-6A total. That’s a lot to ask of that controller.

I wonder if that’s one of the reasons why the new Orturs are 24V systems… to reduce overall current requirements as power demands go up.

Ok before i power it up. This is what I did.
Neje 4 wire from laser to adapter board.
Ortur 3 wire from Ortur board to Neje adapter board
12v 6 amp power supply directly into Neje adapter
Original Ortur power suplly plugged into Ortur board
I think this is all ok…??? Dont want to ruin anything…

Looks good. There is no need for ‘three wires’ from the controller. You only need ground and pwm. The third wire was the original 12v to the other ‘lower’ power laser.

Probably won’t hurt it, but I don’t know…


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