Upgraded to 16.0.1 and Camera not working

I upgraded to the latest 16.0.1 version on Windows 11. The “Update Overlay” remains greyed out. The camera is still a selectable option, I can’t run a calibration because “Next” is greyed out as well. I can see the camera in Windows 11 going into camera settings so Windows see the camera as working fine. I enabled the debug logs and getting:

22:21:03.664 D: “enumControls getProcParam 6 failed - Element not found.”
22:21:03.695 D: “enumControls getProcParam 9 failed - Element not found.”
22:21:03.695 D: “enumControls getCamControl 10 failed - Element not found.”
22:21:03.695 D: “enumControls getCamControl 11 failed - Element not found.”
22:21:03.695 D: “enumControls getCamControl 12 failed - Element not found.”
22:21:03.695 D: “enumControls getCamControl 13 failed - Element not found.”
22:21:03.711 D: “enumControls getCamControl 15 failed - Element not found.”
22:21:03.726 D: 10
22:21:03.774 D: “m_pEngine->GetDeviceStreamCount failed\n - The request is invalid in the current state.”
22:21:06.058 D: Clipboard data present:
22:21:06.058 D: ()
22:21:20.345 D: Clipboard data present:
22:21:20.345 D: ()

I literally changed nothing else about my current configuration. Permissions are also set in Windows to allow LIghtburn to access/use the camera. Please help, thanks!

Regarding Win11 permissions recheck if you gave permissions to the camera microphone.
Sometimes Win11 and Win10 is a bit “wavy” with settings changing the default Apps linked to file types, This never happened with Win7.
Worth a check.
Also check if the camera drivers became corrupted, maybe reinstalling them.

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Yep, already checked all that. If the drivers were corrupted, the camera wouldn’t be working in Windows. Will have to keep digging I guess. Seems common for new update installs that things like this happen for some reason. Very frustrating!

You could also try importing back your camera settings by right-click inside the
CameraControl window.

Yea unfortunately on my end, update overlay, trace, and settings are all greyed out. So I can’t right click on settings to do that. It finds my camera because I did a test of unplugging the machine from my computer. The camera disappears as a selectable option. Then when I plug it back in, the camera shows again as a selectable option. It’s just not communicating with it beyond that.

Even without any camera selected if you right-click inside the Camera window or Camera top bar…
Sorry by underlining the settings button, I mistakenly took you in the wrong direction.

Scratch that, just can’t right click on the button itself. Just don’t have any backed up settings to import.

However I was able to get it working by selecting Default Camera System instead of Custom Camera in the Settings > Camera Capture System

Thanks for your assistance by the way!

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Yes, those were the next steps. It was just to avoid calibrating the camera again.
I’m glad everything’s working now.


Yea all good! Just weird how installing a minor update messed that all up. I didn’t have that issue going from 1.5 to 1.6. Although, stranger things have happened.

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