Upgraded to lightburn 1.2.02

Upgraded to lightburn 1.2.02 laser stopped burning. laser is only 5 months old. I did the test that light burn sent me. The video was to big to send back. All of my power and speed setting changed to very odd numbers. reset them to correct setting made difference. Any suggestion

Hi there - did you reply to your email with that info? We’re happy to help solve the issue, but if you’ve been asked to provide some info we have other ways for you to get it to us if the size is too large. Otherwise, some additional info here would help: what make/model of laser are you using? Please verify your speed units under 'Edit > Device Settings" are set up as intended, you may have switched mm/min with mm/sec.

I am using the lu2-4-sf-24v-21k11 laser. I was set on inches/min changed to mm/min it started working???

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