Upgrading from a 5watt Diode Laser to a NEJE 80watt laser

Dear sir I am hoping you may be able to assist me. I have a 5watt diode laser and trying to upgrade it to a 80watt NJE laser. Unfortunately I was told it was plug and play but that was not the case at all when it arrived and I attempted to install it on my Ortur Laser engraving machine

The current pin arrangement is 3 pin colours red, white, and black wires on the ORTUR MACHINE which is brand new. And the pin arrangement on the new 80 watt laser is 4 pin and colour of wiring is red,black,yellow, green.

I am not sure if i can purchase an adapter for this to properly connect the wires safely or if I have to strip the wires and connect the wires this way and need some ones help that is more knowledgeable in this area then I am so I don’t wreck my current machine and new laser:

I would appreciate anyone’s help that could help me please fix my laser machine so i can get it up and running thank you so much. I wanted to upgrade my laser from 5watt to 80watt so I could laser engrave glasses and travel mugs which I could not do with my 5watt.

Current wires and back of ORTUR Laser machine with current board and wiring

I searched for this… do you have a link…?

You can find information on the NEJE wiki site for your model… but I suspect it’s similar to mine.


Your original laser has three pins, usually Ground, Power and TTL/PWM. The temperature is an output and isn’t required for anything except NEJE controllers.

Colors may be standardized on the Ortur machine, but generally they are not…

These three go to the corresponding pins on the new module. I’m sure you can find a pin out of the original laser module.

It sounds like a more powerful module. There is only so much power voltage avaliable here. I had to run a separate line through the drag chains and use a more powerful power supply for the laser…

This is a jl1, original 500mW on the left, NEJE 40630 on the right… you can see the temporary power supply rats nest…

This may be more useful in the Ortur section where there is help from @OrturTech for the wiring… maybe @JohnJohn can move it…?

If it homes, ensure when the new module is installed it will trigger the home/limit switches and correct the work area the machine thinks it has…


Usually neje sends a little adapter board
@sheldonmar Nothing else came in the box?
Because you will definitly need also to upgrade or add more power

No they sent me the wrong laser so I have requested my money back and I am placing an order with your company to upgrade the laser to a higher watt laser; the only one I can fine on your website is the 10’watt do you not have a higher watt laser that will work with my machine other then the 10watt ? As if I am going to upgrade it which I am I would like to be able to just simply remove the 5watt ortur laser and replace it with the new laser from your company designed to slide onto the adjusting mounting bracket. Can you suggest a higher watt laser that will work with my machine that I can buy online on your website that will work with my machine? And provide the link please

Mine came with the little green board in the photo… it’s existence didn’t even enter my mind.

I’d still like to have a look at the 80W model he originally posted…


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