Upgrading Issue to 0.9.21 - Lightburn not recognized as closed

I just attempted to upgrade Lightburn to 0.9.21. After closing lightburn, I keep getting a “Setup was unable to automatically close all applications…” even though the software has been closed. I cannot pass this point in the install, and when I ABORT the installation procedure and try to run the original version of lightburn, my earlier version of Lightburn no longer communicates with my Thunderlaser.

Do I need to uninstall Lightburn completely and reinstall? Any assistance is helpful as my shop is currently down at the moment.

What OS are you running, try and look to see if there is still a LightBurn task running.

Also could try rebooting then upgrade. On Win 10 I did not have to uninstall LB first.

I also use Windows 10, and followed the upgrade instructions including closing LightBurn. The upgrade worked perfectly without the need to remove the old version.

In Windows 10, to see if you have LightBurn open try typing “Task Manager” in the search box to the right of the windows start icon on the task bar and press enter. A pop up box lists all apps and background processes open.

If you have a copy of LightBurn still running, that will prevent the update. The simplest approach, in case you have “dead one” hanging out, is to reboot first, then run the installer.

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