Upgrading laser from 40w to Cloudray Reci W2 90-100w

I need to upgrade the power on my cutter. Takes too many passes to get anything done right. I got an extension tube to handle the extra tube length and the power supply. What about the mirrors? I see cloud ray shows 2 types Mo or Si. Does it make that much of a difference to get Si mirrors? I know my laser head was upgraded before so I have a lot area to make adjustments as needed. Anything else I’m missing? I use a cohesion 3d laser board running lightburn. Thanks!

… have laser safety glasses as the light will be more intense…

Nice upgrade. The issue is usually that people want more work area, especially when they cough up a grand to go to a higher power machine. Not to mention the lack of a Z area of any size.

How long is the new tube?

Have a different tube mount in mine, so I 3d printed an extension cover also.

Mirrors like most things, everything else being equal, the higher the price the better the product. You can get taken, but working with an established business, there is less risk.

If you wear regular glasses, they are generally polycarbonate and make an effective protective lens. Most ‘safety goggle’ specification require side shields. The ones that are low cost at hardware stores are also polycarbonate. I keep a pair around for visitors.

Most issues of ‘laser light’ getting outside of the machine is from reflections, generally from things you shouldn’t be cutting. The co2 laser is not visible and is absorbed by the cornea, which is where any damage would occur. LED laser is visible light and will pass though the cornea and do damage, inside the eye to the retina.

Not putting down safety, what I’m advising is to know how it works and take the required precautions. I run my machine, with the top open at least an inch for air flow on dirty jobs. It’s generally wide open when it’s running. Keep you paws out of if when it’s operating, just like would with any other machine…
Understand how it works, with that you should be able to judge your personal safety limits.

Interesting that you purchased that model for cutting…

Good luck with the upgrade. Please post some photos of the ‘surgery’…


At the risk of highjacking this topic…I disagree with Jack’s point that polycarbonate lenses are good protection for a CO2 laser. I wouldn’t trust your eyeglasses plus the see-thru material they use on the lids of machines out of China. Especially when running a high wattage machine.
It’s your eyes, do the research. CO2 glasses are not expensive. Also be mindful of little visitors who come to watch.

Thanks its 1200mm. I couldnt find an extension made for it (hole is there and cover plate but no options I could see) so I 3d printed a mount to connect a sewage pipe fitting. I’ll post a pic when done with it.

Im cutting/engraving clear plastic only. Honestly my problem when I ordered my first setup was youtube. I searched and saw all this bull**** that claimed to work but didnt work for my needs and definitely not how they claimed in the videos. Finally got tired testing and started looking at commercial videos of what I needed. Found a place in another country that was doing what I was trying to and caught their machine in story on their instagram which is definitely a larger and better unit. The 40 can do it, but waaayyyy too slow and too many passes to make a cut. Luckily the machine we got was made to upgrade anyway. Got the board and software down right away and now just said gotta do a full upgrade and slowly start building a spare machine anyway. this one is enclosed but doesnt matter the smell from fumes is horrible regardless what setup I use. it seeps out from everywhere unless i cover the whole machine. So I made some foam to cover it all and seems to do good with exhaust only that way.

Im looking forward to the upgrades on machine and learning more. Wish I had done more research in the beginning and would have saved a lot.

Im only using normal safety goggles when in the room for awhile cause the fumes can mess with my eyes. I’ll have to see if they have anything comfortable in CO2 googles or I for sure wont wear them.

Yes, I’d like to see it…

How wide is the cabinet itself? I’ve notice no one seems to make these. Next time, I’m going to the local Home metal fab/AC people and see if they will make one for me. I can draw up the design…

Nice of them to leave you a ‘hole’… :crazy_face:

I am glad I didn’t have to cut it out…

I did 3d print a ‘flow meter’ holder and cut it’s lid out of acrylic.

On the safety glass front…

If you can cut a material, it will absorb that frequency and will block that frequency. Otherwise you could not damage the material.

Acrylic and it’s close cousin, polycarbonate are the perfect fit for a co2 at they easily absorb it’s generated frequency. Acrylic has a nicer ‘cut’ finish but polycarbonate is very tough, trade name of Lexan.

As I said, know how it works, and you will be fine.

I’m sure you’ll have fun

Take care…



Sorry so long to get back to this. I ended up sick with flu and pneumonia for a bit. Next day after the last post I had an issue on machine I needed to repair and after talking with my wife, we decided its better to just build a new machine and keep the current one as a backup since it can still do much of the work, just slower. In event that this machine is down and we have orders in (like when i needed to repair the machine) we would be completely down for everything waiting on new parts from china or where ever.

Sounds like a plan. Good thing you have a ‘spousal unit’ to keep you headed down the road :crazy_face:

Good luck

Take care