Upgrading to Hybrid Steppers - Config Help

Hey everyone!

I have some Leadshine Hybrid steppers that I’ll be installing into my laser sometime this week. Before I do I’m trying to gather up all the info I’m going to need to configure the Ruida 6445G controller. Here’s a picture of the the servo and driver…

And the spec’s that are listed on the website for the stepper and driver.

What is the information I need to change in the controller in order to make these function correctly?

Thanks for your help!

Possibly nothing at all. Assuming it’s possible to do so, you’ll need to set that driver to match the step count you had with the old driver. If that’s not possible, you’d only have to change the step length values for X and Y in the Vendor settings. Go to the bottom of the Edit > Machine Parameters window for this and unroll them.

Once you have the step lengths correct, you’ll likely want to play with accelerations and speeds, but that is tuning, and will be incremental.

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I was hoping you would say something along those lines! Hopefully it will be a smooth upgrade. Thanks Oz, I’ll report back once I get going on it. Might be soon than later. Jason

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