Upload button available in beginner mode

I was wondering if there is already a new release where you have the upload button in beginner mode?

Not yet, but it’s in final test for release.

Great! Can you inform me when it’s done?
I want to order LightBurn ASAP.

It is already done, and will be in the next release - hopefully within a week, possibly two. I don’t do personal emails to everyone who’s interested in a future feature, sorry - I would never get any work done. :slight_smile:

Here is where we announce new releases:

At school we have a laptop connected to the laser. The students login with their own name and password on the laptop which is connected to a network. So the students must login at the laptop to use the software. When I login I can use the LightBurn software but when a student logs in they need a license key. How can I install the software that the students can use it with their own login on the laptop connected to the laser?

Follow the multi-user steps here:

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