Uploading files to lightburn

Newbie here, can’t get files to upload. what am I not doing?

Are you trying to work with DXF or SVG files?
If so, you need to have anew [blank] document, and then do IMPORT.

I’ve tried SVG DXF PNG JPEG can’t seem to make ant progress.

I have watched so many you tube videos my head is spinning.

Did you try File>IMPORT?
It is also possible, especially if you are trying to open or import a file that it may be small and off the work space. Zoom out a lot to see if there really is something there.

I did try that, thank you! I have been a cnc operator for years but something about lightburn I just don’t understand. I know it’s operator error.

after re-reading my message it looks like I was being sarcastic. I really wasn’t. I truly thank you for responding to my question. Just trying to figure out what I am doing wrong.

Did you get it to work?

Try this… Do the Import, then CRRL-A, then click on the Preview icon (little TV) at the top. If something appears in Preview, it was Imported.

I loaded a file while helping someone and Zoomed out a BUNCH to see it. Noddink! Then I noticed the X-pos was 6000+mm (like in the image). Who has a machine with a 20’ X axis? You will learn Preview will get used a lot.


Once imported or opened…

Click on the Zoom to selection icon zoom-to-frame-selection in the tool bar…

This is a tiny bitmap file used to figure out dot size, you must remove the .txt extension, load it and use Zoom to selection to find it:crazy_face:

dotSize.bmp.txt (3.0 KB)

I’d suggest you just load it as a bmp file… They are handy to keep around…

Good luck


That is it? After doing all that, I thought there might be something telling me why…

There’s no magic here… I was relating to using the software and ensuring what you think you have loaded, is what’s loaded.

Did you try it?


I got t loaded, but lost the instruction manual. Tiny little thing for sure. If you are asking if I tried to burn it, no. I am in NY but the laser is still in FL. Will try when I get back.


Even worse, I caught Covid from the airplane ride and now my family wants nothing to do with me!

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