UPS Shipping Charges?

Hello. I live in Canada. I have received an email from UPS notifying me of additional fees and taxes of $50.03 due on delivery. Is this normal? My order stated $37 for shipping, which was paid at the time of order. The additional charge of $50 for this camera puts it well above my affordability. If this is true I will have to refuse delivery.

Was it ordered form outside Canada?
UPS always has a surcharge for customs/import duties

I ordered a camera from Lightburn for my laser. Total cost will be $190! I’m pretty sure I can get a camera for much less elsewhere, but I need to be sure it will work.

Be careful!!! Easy to scam people on line through email and text. Make sure you are dealing with the REAL UPS and customs people.


This is likely a brokerage charge from UPS to declare and cover customs costs as it comes over the border. This is not a uniquely-LightBurn issue, and will happen any time you ship something cross border over a certain value.

I guess I need to suck it up. All seems legit so chart it up as a learning opportunity.

I’ve shipped a few things to Canada. They want their money too. Import tax I believe. A few items were returns to a company in Canada. They said to mark it as warranty return so they were not charged the taxes.

So after all that, the camera doesn’t work. Ha Ha! I’ve emailed support and I’m sure they will help. Maybe a driver? Win 10 shouldn’t need one right? Doesn’t show up on Cam Control window or in Device Manager. Oh well…Ha!

Might be worth taking a look here
These drivers at times are necessary specially if you are on win7 or upgraded to win10 from win7

There is no link to the media features app in my settings as they are already installed. PS I have rebooted many times. I have also unplugged the cable and checked the pins, then replugged the camera, but still nothing. Might be cable related? Where do I get a new cable? Thanks.

I think almost any camera will work. Go to YouTube and check it out.

This is why most of us in the US won’t ship to Canada. It’s not the shipping fees, it’s the customs fees the Canadian government adds on that kills us.

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