Upside down and back to front text when burning

I have changed it in device settings it was in bottom right corner going backwards now changed it to bottom left and now its backwards on my screen but burning the right way how do i fix this?

so right now everything i work on i have do design backwards?

Is the image itself backwards or the working direction of the laser? Understanding that will help everyone troubleshoot the issue.

Someone here that has one or knows about them will have to advise you which corner you need set in the Device Settings to solve this.

Usually the manufacturer advises you on how to home or what corner to set the softwares ‘origin’, so it’s the same as the machine.

Generally if the machine homes by itself you set that corner. If it doesn’t you have to manually set the head before power up or on reset.

You can tell where it ‘thinks’ it is by which axes it’s mirrored across. X, Y or one of the 45 deg axes.

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The machine origin is stored in your files when you save them. So, if you change your machine origin and open an old file, it will be flipped around based upon the origin it was saved with. The best thing is to get your origin correct, and test with a brand new file. Then, when you have everything working correctly, fix your old files that were saved before things were set right.

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There’s a mirror tool so you can flip stuff and save your design.

This may be worth review:

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