Upside down and setting home / origin

Hi guys, I have a very old Emblazer 1 - just trying to get back into using it and am new to Lightburn. Really sorry to ask such a basic question but I have sent a test to the laser and it is burning the test upside down (I’m tempted to just turn the Emblazer around but maybe there is an easier way ?)
Also after burning it is going to the bottom left and I have set home to top right (when I press the home button I have to do it twice, first to get it to the right handside then 2nd to get it to the top). Should home be bottom left ?
Any advise on these real basic questions would be so helpful :slight_smile:

Generally this is a sign that the Origin setting in Device Settings is set incorrectly. If your output is flipped vertically but not flipped horizontally then change the vertical position of the Origin. For example, if it’s top-left, switch to bottom-left. If bottom-right, switch to top-right. If it’s also flipped horizontally then make the corresponding change left/right.

How have you set home? Home location generally is not a choice without some work involved.

Hi berainlb, thank you very much for your help, I’ll try the vertical / horizontal polition and I’ll have another look at home. Really appreaciate the help :slight_smile: