Urgent! Laser Not Connect to LB. Universal Engraver 15000mw blue CNC laser machine

Can someone help me, please? My Mac will not connect to LB. I have been using LB for a few months now and haven’t had an issue. When I plug it in and select GBRL it says "waiting for a connection.

Well, seeing as it’s urgent… 0.o

Why are you selecting grbl? Shouldn’t it have been selected by default? Why has it changed?

What does ‘about my Mac’ say in the USB section?

I apologize. I had to finish a batch of engravings last night and I was having this issue.

Somehow my GRBL settings changed/reset. (probably user error)

I downloaded 1.1f and it starting working again. If this happens again is there a website you recommend getting this from?

Thanks for the quick response!

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