USA Import and Customs Questions

What should I expect for purchasing a laser direct from China? I’ve been mulling a new fiber galvo laser from cloudray and the machines from China are much cheaper. Even with $800 in shipping. I can get the same machine from a USA warehouse but it is several months of waiting verses having it next week if I go direct.

So, what should I expect for customs fees and potential hassles on the import side?

Contact Richard Zhang at OMG Lasers.

I just purchased a 60W JPT MOPA machine from him recently. Shipping was really pretty quick keeping in mind all that’s going on in the world right now. Price from him included shipping. All I had to pay above his price was the US import duties on the machine (Which were very reasonable) He offers 3 years warranty and free freight both ways for failures. Good guy.

Somehow I missed this response! Thanks for the help. Will check it out.

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One thing you should watch out for is the incoterms the vendor uses. They usually specify, but for a larger freight item, they may only be charging you for, and shipping to, the port of unloading. You may be responsible for shipping from the port to your door.